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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)


SEM means Search Engine Marketing, is one of the prime process of promoting websites i.e. increasing the visibility in search pages online through Paid advertising, main method used here is PPC (pay per click).


PPC is Pay-Per-Click is a model of online Search Engine Marketing favoring companies across offline(indirectly) and online(directly) platforms, where the website (advertisers) pays to PPC agency (popular is Google AD words) whenever the visitor clicks the Ad posted on the search-engine/page/content/blog/social-media targeting the customers, which pipes-in the user traffic. The user will be diverted to targeted website/page after clicking the AD.

Google AD Words

AD Words is the top-most PPC model operated by Google, through which the advertiser (company) create Ads aiming the viewers by bidding the required/essential keywords. The company/website pays to google for each visitor’s click on their advertisements


We at Aravind Media House

Aravind Media House offers Search Engine Marketing services, efficiently deals and supervises the Google AD Words, a complex platform of PPC to deal and manage.

Aravind Media House is a certified Google agency Partner where we manage the Google AdWords accounts of clients. High standard Digital Marketing employees will be more cautious and take care of this perplexing process.


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